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College Admissions Dates

Summer Term

  • May 4: Full and A Session application deadline
  • May 11: Full an A Session classes begin
  • June 17: B Session application deadline
  • June 24: B Session classes begin

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In the buildings and learning spaces of Seminole State College. Where high standards and high value come together like nowhere else.

Where you can pursue your education and the real experience of life on a college campus. Because at Seminole State College, we place emphasis on the idea of college and what it means to constructively learn, participate and prosper.

高清影视 亚洲国产欧美综合小说图片 成人大片网站That means you can earn anything from an associate to a bachelor’s degree, setting you up for long-term success. You can play sports. Attend on-campus events. Join a study group. Get an internship. And burn the midnight oil in the library.

高清影视 亚洲国产欧美综合小说图片 成人大片网站You can also aim for guaranteed entry to UCF with DirectConnect or transfer to another university. You can land a high-paying job. Or start fresh with a GED, or earn a number of technical and technology certificates.

高清影视 亚洲国产欧美综合小说图片 成人大片网站It’s the complete experience.

And the support you receive from faculty and staff? That’s complete, too. Including hands-on assistance through the admissions process, scholarship opportunities and financial aid, small class sizes and genuine, personal academic attention from professors.

高清影视 亚洲国产欧美综合小说图片 成人大片网站So start today.

高清影视 亚洲国产欧美综合小说图片 成人大片网站Go State. Go Far.


Seminole State College
100 Weldon Boulevard
Sanford, Florida 32773-6199